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Vintage was born out of the desire to stay home with my boys. After my third baby boy was born, I gave my two week notice from a job I had had since I was 21 and began a journey I will forever be grateful for. In the beginning we focused on anything anyone would let us photograph... weddings, seniors, families, babies. Fourteen years later, Vintage is still what gets me up in the morning and what I go to bed dreaming about!


I am most thankful for the Power of the Living God, who's love is reflected through my generous husband who jumped off this cliff with me, my loving boys who allowed me to perfect my craft on them, and my gracious girlfriend's who get me.


What I Love,


Jesus... with Him all things are possible.

Jason... my husband, if you knew him you would love him too!

My 4 boys... Hayden, Gage, Eli, and Jimmy Jam.

My Pugs...Stella and Rocco, and their future babies.

Anything Vintage...worn paint, lace, roses, holly hock, sweet peas, sunflowers.....

Diet Dr. Pepper ( I had to cut this love out of my life recently)

Laughing... I just love to laugh!

Yoga Pants, anything in black!

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