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What's My Investment?

Twenty Years from now, when you look through your wedding album and see:

 Your husband's special smile when he sees you for the first time...

Your dad wiping away tears as you take your husband's hand...

Your sweet grandfather and grandmother dancing as if they were the ones who just got married... won't be thinking about the cost of your photography package.

In order for a photographer to join the selective Vintage brand, they must have at least 5 years experience photographing weddings and have an authentic heart for love.

This means that we have to be highly selective in who we choose to join our Vintage team, and when we do, they are family.

Since we are recruiting the most sought-after photographers, we consider ourselves to be a mid-to-high end photography brand.  Most of our couples spend between $3,500 to $6000.  

However, if you are working on a budget of at least $2,800 and photography is a priority for your wedding, then it's worth contacting us and having a conversation.


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